Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our second anniversary!

This past Sunday was our 2 year anniversary. I can hardly believe we've already been married for two years!

Last year, for our first anniversary, Josh surprised me and took me to Paris! Here we are on our anniversary night:

This year, with me being just weeks away from delivery, we played it a little more low key. We had a great day that started at Stribling Orchard. It was so adorable! Our first "fall event", as I like to call it. We were kind of terrible at following the orchard map, though. I think we had more success navigating the Paris metro system last year! 

Then, we stopped at Chateau O'Brien, a nearby winery. Of course, I didn't get to taste the wine, but it was still a really pretty winery with beautiful views! Josh bought a few bottles of wine so I can enjoy them after the baby is born. So thoughtful!

Later, we went to dinner in DC. We took a family picture with Lola when we got home.

So that was our second anniversary! Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures! I'm so thankful to have such an amazing husband who makes me feel like a princess every day. Love you baby! I can't wait to celebrate many more amazing years together!

In celebration of our anniversary, I added a highlight video from our wedding day here!


  1. Hi Rachel,
    The pictures are beautiful and you two... Oh! You're like a king and a queen :)

    Next weekend my husband and I are going to celebrate our first anniversary. I'm so exited cause I'm going to be surprised like your first trip.
    Wish you every year be as happy as this year.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful moments with us :)


  2. @Sahar
    Thanks Sahar! And happy anniversary to you! I hope you have a great time on your surprise trip!

  3. I love all the photos Rach! You guys are the cutest, and it looks like you had a great anniversary. I still love that he surprised you last year with that amazing trip, what a guy. :)

  4. @Genevieve

    Aw thanks Genevieve! Josh likes to joke that he spoiled me too much right away with that trip:) Of course, I'm OK with that!

  5. Happy Anniversary! You are seriously adorable with your big belly!

  6. Thanks Coley! Hahah the belly is quite large these days!


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