Friday, October 14, 2011

Cloth diapers

I was so excited to get my Bum Genius cloth diapers in the mail a few days ago!

Lots of people looked at me like I was crazy when I said we would be using cloth diapers for our little girl. I think they were imagining the old cloth diapers with pins...or maybe not, and they just thought I was crazy anyway!

I decided early on in my pregnancy that I wanted to cloth diaper our baby. I did quite a bit of research about cloth diapering in general, and also about different brands of cloth diapers that were available. After all that, I decided that Bum Genius Elemental All-In-One One Size would be the best choice for us and for baby.

The more obvious reasons for choosing cloth diapers are that they will save us money over time (especially since we can use them for future children), and of course they're also better for the environment than disposables. A lot of reviews I read also said that cloth diapers are better at handling blow-outs and cause less diaper rash. That makes sense to me! Doesn't it seem like cotton diapers would treat your skin much better than disposables would?

Cloth diapers were an easy choice for me to make since I'll be staying at home full time and I don't have to worry about day cares that won't use cloth diapers on babies. I also figure it will be pretty easy for me to keep on top of the extra laundry that comes along with cloth diapers since I'll be at home all day.

I chose these specific diapers because they seem easiest to manage out of all the cloth diaper choices out there. They will fit baby from about 7 to 35 pounds, which means I don't have to buy multiple diapers in different sizes, and they're all one piece, so I don't have to add and remove liners. I also really like them because they have snap closures instead of velcro, which just seems more durable to me.

Here's what the diapers look like when they're snapped into their smallest version (pink) and their largest version (yellow):

Here's the inside. This cotton is so soft!

I bought 12 diapers to start out with, but I will probably buy 6 more in the near future. According to Bum Genius, 18 of these diapers should be all I ever need. Since they have to be washed at least every other day, I should always have plenty of clean diapers on hand. 

Here are the colors I picked out:

Bubble (lavender), Blossom (light pink), Twilight (light blue), Noodle (cream), Sweet (very pale minty blue), Butternut (golden yellow), Grasshopper (spring green). 

I got 2 of each, except for Blossom and Bubble. In case we have a boy next, I wanted to have mostly gender neutral colors so we can reuse the diapers. I just couldn't resist buying a couple of girly colors though!  

I actually purchased the diapers from Cottonbabies, an authorized retailer of Bum Genius diapers. You can't buy these from Bum Genius directly, as strange as that seems. You can look here for other retailers. The thing I liked about Cottonbabies was that you can also create a registry with them for your diapers...something I had a hard time finding on other websites that sold these.

I'll definitely let you know how these work out once I start using them! I can't wait to see these cute little diapers on her! 

I hope this information is helpful to anyone out there who is considering cloth diapers! Of course, like anything when it comes to parenting, this is a personal choice and one that I'm sure will not work for everyone. For some families, disposables make more sense, and I totally understand that! I may even use disposables for the first couple weeks since I hear that some newborns just don't fit into the cloth diapers, even if they are around 7 pounds.

Are any of you currently cloth diapering your little one, or have you in the past? I'd love to hear what you think of it! For those who aren't yet mommies, have you thought about using cloth diapers for your future babies?

*I have not been paid or received any perks from Bum Genius for these reviews. They are just my honest thoughts and opinions and I hope they can help someone out there!*


  1. Ohhh love them Rach!! I am very jealous of the pink and purple ones too. :)

    I love love love our Bum Genius diapers. We started cloth diapering last winter and have had a great experience with it. With out next baby I plan on doing it from the beginning. I didn't have a bad experience with disposables but just wanted to do something better for the environment, save some money and also because cloth diapers are pretty darn cute. ;)

    We use the BG 4.0 pocket diapers and BG is definitely my favorite brand out of all the kinds we tried. I am not sure about the Elementals but I know the 4.0s don't usually tend to fit until they are around 8 weeks(give or take of course depending on their size) so a lot of people get the newborn sized diapers(they are $$ though since you don't use them very long), prefolds, or use disposables until they fit.

    Anyway, yay for cloth diapers! And later on once she is bigger definitely check out the Artsy Fartsy Foo Foo Hemp inserts, they are amazing!


  2. Thanks for the tips, Genevieve! I didn't know you cloth diapered!

    We have a good amount of newborn disposable diapers on hand since I've heard from a lot of moms that the cloth ones don't fit right away. I'll get her into the cloth as soon as we can, though:)

    I can't wait to use them! Who knew I'd be excited about diapers?! LOL.

  3. Yeah, we started a little later on but we really have loved it. We do use disposables at night still, and when we are on vacation and stuff like that. You just have to figure out what works for you and your family. Haha I totally know what you mean, I get super excited about it when I order a new one and it comes in the mail, Lucas just doesn't understand. ;)

  4. Yes, I'm sure we'll do disposables on road trips and when we travel just to make things easier:)
    Hahah. Guys definitely don't get it;) I was already looking at the BG Freestyle diapers for her. Right now you can only pre-order so I haven't bought any yet, but they have some new colors that are so cute...I'll definitely be getting her some!

  5. One of my girlfriends uses cloth diapers and has blogged a ton about's a link to her posts:

  6. whoops, meant to give you this link (the other one was to her cloth wipes post):

  7. I love these! I seriously considered cloth diapering for a while (I looked at the BG 4.0's), but after daycare meetings I discovered that none of them will take cloth-diapered babies. Big bummer. So for now we're going the disposable route, maybe cloth will come in down the line. Looking forward to hearing how they work out!

  8. @Joan - thanks for the links! I always like reading other people's experiences with cloth diapers!

  9. @Michelle - that is such a bummer that day cares don't use cloth diapers! I have yet to hear of one that does. Maybe you'll be able to use them later on though! I'll cross my fingers for you:)

  10. I loved this post! I'm not planning on becoming a mother (for a while!) but I know when I do I want to use cloth diapers. Can't wait to hear how they go!

  11. Thanks Coley! I'll definitely keep you posted on how they're working for me!

  12. This post is nice i know that all information gather from here.

  13. Hey Rachel,
    I'm curious to hear how the cloth diapering is going. I know a few people who cloth diaper, and I plan to when I have children. Just wondering if you are using them and how things are going.

  14. Hey Kyle! It's going good! Honestly, I'm not doing it full time, because it seems as though I didn't purchase enough cloth diapers to start off. I need about 6 more so that I don't have to do diaper laundry every day!:) I plan on writing a more in-depth review for the blog soon! Thanks for asking!!:)


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