Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas memories

I found a few old family photos from Christmases when I was growing up. Such good memories!

This was when we lived on a farm in Canada. My dad had lots of horses, so around Christmas time, he would hook one up to a sleigh and take our family and friends for sleigh rides!

This was our living room one year at the farm. We would always go up into the woods with my dad and he would cut down our Christmas tree. It was so fun! The tree always looked awesome outside, but when we got it in the house it was always a little Charlie Brown-ish! That's my youngest sister, Cori, holding up the toy horse.

Here's a picture of my room from the same house. We cut down a mini tree and I hung it from my ceiling! I  thought it was pretty cool as a 14 year old!

This was my aunt's tree one year. I went over and helped her decorate it! We peeled red paint off of the lightbulbs to make them white and we made the ornaments by hand with green fabric and gold beads. I told you my DIY and decorating started at a young age!

Here's an older one with me and my sister and dad. (I'm in the pink coat). My dad just told me the funniest story about this picture. He said I was so picky about the Christmas tree that we had to walk so far back into the tree farm to find one that I loved! By the time we started walking back to the car with the tree, me and my little sister were so tired. She got on the tree stump while my dad dragged it and I got on his back! Poor dad! Haha.

I hope you enjoyed these Christmas memories! Have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends!


  1. Those are sweet! I love seeing pictures from Christmases when I was a child, all the warm memories that come with remembering.

  2. Thanks Melissa! Glad you liked looking at the old pictures:)

  3. So cute! My dad just scanned in pictures from Christmas 1993, so adorable to see my sister and I when we were little. Any my parents hair and style back then too. Love old photos!

  4. Thanks Rachel! That's so neat! Old family photos are the best aren't they?!


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