Monday, January 16, 2012

Living room update: New window treatments

I just bought these roman shades from JCPenney for our living room.

For the past couple of months, I had just been living with the drapes pulled shut so that I can feed Audrey in the living room, but I really didn't like how they looked that way. I was always adjusting them, and they never looked quite right.

Here's how they look now with the new roman shades:

Here's a picture with the flash on so you can see the color of the shades a little better:

The color is "Goldust". I thought about going with a white shade since I have the same white shades in my kitchen and hallway, but I knew I would never get them to match the white drapes close enough. I think the Goldust color looks nice with the other gold touches in the room though, and also the gold rug in the dining room. 

I have to tell you, I had major issues getting these installed! The other shades in my kitchen and hallway didn't give me near the same trouble. I don't know what it was, but I had the worst time getting the headrail to stay clipped to the bracket. Maybe the brackets that came with these are faulty? I don't know, but it was not a good time getting these to stay up! They are pretty inexpensive, so I don't expect top of the line quality, but I do expect to be able to hang them without so much difficulty.

I would still buy them again though, because like I said, my other shades weren't this difficult to install.

Here's one more picture with them rolled up halfway:

I'm happy that I can finally open my drapes again!

I hope you liked this update. Have a great Monday!


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