Friday, February 10, 2012

Keepsake shadowboxes

I love absolutely love shadowboxes, and I also love saving things...I'm very sentimental. I think shadowboxes are the perfect way to beautifully display and preserve memories.

I finally got around to making these two for Audrey's nursery:

The one on the left is her going home outfit with a picture of us shortly after coming home with her. The one on the right is her hospital hat, her bracelets, my bracelets, her crib card, and a picture of the three of us moments after she was born. 

Close up:

I changed the background fabric of each shadowbox because I didn't like the original colors. I simply measured the back of the box, cut my fabric and glued it in with a hot glue gun. For the "hospital" shadowbox, I also trimmed out the background in pink grosgrain ribbon for a little extra finishing touch. 

Do you love shadowboxes as much as I do? Have you made any of your own? Tell me about them in the comments!

Check back next week when I'll show you how I incorporated these into Audrey's nursery! I hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. Your shadowboxes are really sweet! I have one that my hubby made me for an anniversary gift, you can see it here

  2. Thanks Kristen! I LOVE your shadowbox! How sweet of your husband!

  3. Those are beautiful! The fabric for the backgrounds is a great touch. I have always loved shadow boxes but have never done one myself. It's just so hard to commit to which stuff to put in!

  4. Thanks Rachel! You should make one! They're so fun:)

  5. Where did you find the shadowbox for her coming home outfit and how did you secure the outfit inside? They're absoultely beautiful and I love how you hung them in your daughter's room!

  6. Thanks SpartanGirl! I bought both shadowboxes at Michael's. The outfit is secured with straight pins (on the inside, so you can't see them).


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