Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kitchen barstool slipcovers

I finally got a chance to make slipcovers for our Napa barstools from Pottery Barn! I introduced them in this post, before I covered them.

I just love the way they turned out! 

Here they are before:

And a closer look at them now:

Just for fun, here's how they look at night:

I used the same method to make them as I did for my ottoman slipcover. I just adjusted the ruffled skirt length to be shorter. 

My inspiration for these slipcovers came from the Mallory Barstool from Ballard Designs:

I really wanted to purchase these stools because the slipcover was so cute, but I just couldn't justify the $323 price tag, when I could buy the nearly identical Pottery Barn stools for $149, and make my own slipcovers! Sure, it took me a little more time and effort, but I'm so happy with the savings and the result! I think I accomplished a very similar look for less! 

I used a little over 1.25 yards per slipcover. The fabric is just a nice weight muslin that I found at Joann's. It was on sale for $5.80 a yard and I ended up buying 5 yards (which was overkill, but I always overestimate in case I make a mistake). I actually have a third stool to make a slipcover for too...we just don't keep it in the kitchen unless we have lots of company, because it ends up looking too crowded.

In total, the slipcovered stools cost me about $157 each. That's $149 for the stool and about $7.80 for the fabric for the slipcover. 

I'm very happy with the result! I'm so happy that I didn't spend $323 for the pretty Ballard stools when I got my own version for just $157!

I hope you like the slipcovers! I'm so glad I finally got to share them with you!


  1. The look really cute but then again I'm a sucker for anything with ruffles ;)

  2. These are super cute - I'm impressed with your sewing skills! ;-)

  3. Thank you Mary Ann! That means a lot coming from a real seamstress like you!!:)

  4. They turned out amazing! I love the ruffles :)

  5. Rachel, would you be so kind to send me those measurements to my email?

    Thank you!


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