Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Target find: Nursing tops

I've had quite a difficult time finding cute and affordable nursing tops. I bought a few at A Pea in the Pod, but their selection is a bit limited and I find them expensive, especially for their more basic styles. As for Motherhood, I didn't really find much there that I liked, and sometimes the quality isn't great. Anything else that I saw online was either not my style, or very cute, but also very expensive.

Enter, Target! I dropped in a few days ago just to see what they had. I didn't expect to find much, but I was happy to walk away with 2 great tops that are multi-purpose.

Here they are!

Liz Lange Maternity Twist-Front Nursing Tank

I never thought I'd buy a maternity top not being pregnant anymore, but I love that this works for nursing! Honestly, it doesn't look like maternity at all! I love that it's so long and works perfectly with leggings (my new wardrobe staple). The fabric is so soft and it feels much more expensive than a $17 top. I got this in gray and black, and it's also available in cobalt blue.  Not only can I use this now, but it will work during my next pregnancy too. 

You can see the ruching on the sides that will easily accommodate a baby bump.

Merona Gathered Crossover Tee

The next top I found is just a regular, faux-wrap top, but it works perfectly for nursing and it was only $10. I got it in the Peach Parfait shade, but there are lots of other pretty colors available!

A couple of other great finds:

Merona Ultrasoft Cocoon Sweater

I love how soft and lightweight this is! I bought it in oatmeal and gray. It's perfect for wearing over the nursing tanks and it's super comfy.

The leggings I'm wearing in these pictures are also from Target. They have a nice, thick waist band and are really comfortable (and not see-through!) for only $8. Leggings have become a go-to wardrobe item for me since I still haven't lost all my baby weight, but I don't want to invest in lots of clothes at my current size, since I expect to continue to drop some weight and inches. You can buy the leggings here. I highly recommend them!

I hope this helps you out if you're looking for cute and affordable nursing or maternity tops!  


  1. I really like that first one! And how did you get so thing already?! I found that most nursing tops were expensive and unattractive. It's easier to just use regular tops that have a low neck you can pull down or pull it up with a nursing tank underneath.

  2. What good finds! I never used "nursing tops" but I should've. It was such a PITA to use regular tops!

  3. Thanks Stephani! Honestly I think being off dairy and nursing has helped me drop some weight...I'm still not into pre-pregnancy clothes though:) I totally agree...most nursing tops are just not cute!

  4. Lol Tonia...I know lots of girls do that, but for me, most of my other tops are still not fitting well enough for me to wear them comfortably. Especially since I'm wearing lots of leggings, my regular shirts just aren't long enough:(

  5. I just ordered the tank in all three colors! I used a maternity tank with my first pregnancy but this looks cuter and more comfortable (I'm pregnant with baby boy #2). Thanks!

  6. Congrats on your little boy, Alyssa! I think you will love this top!

  7. I love how your puppy is in a different position in every picture!! *Michelle*

  8. You look fantastic! I love your link bracelet...where did you find it?


  9. Aw thanks Rachel! Here's the link!

  10. Rachel - baby boy #2 is here (born 7/12) and wanted to thank you again for recommending these tops. I love the tank and pretty much live in it.


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