Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Desk makeover reveal!

I'm so happy with how my desk turned out, and I hope you like it too! If you missed the original post on this, go here to read more. Now, on to the fun stuff....the pictures!

Let me take you through the makeover process. These are the steps that I used to transform this piece, but they will also work for any furniture you want to paint for a new, fresh look! 

Step 1: Remove hardware. Fix any holes, cracks, or other damage with wood filler. If you plan on using new hardware, you may need to patch the holes from the old hardware and drill new ones later. Let the wood filler dry, then sand it.

I used this wood filler, but any will do:

There was a chunk of wood missing on one side of the drawer:

I managed to patch it with wood filler, just using my hands and building it up to look like it did originally. This is before sanding:

After sanding...not looking too pretty:

Step 2: Remove any drawers. Give your piece and all drawers one coat of primer and let it dry for the amount of time specified on the can.

I used this primer because I had it on hand, but any will do. This particular primer smells to high heaven, so I'd recommend not using it, unless you really have to! There are many more user-friendly primers out there, like this one that I used for the nursery furniture

To apply my primer, I like to use an inexpensive paint brush that I can throw away after, since primer is difficult to get out of a brush (especially the shellac-based one that I used!). Your coat of primer will look streaky and uneven, like this:

Step 3: Apply your paint. Use a good quality angled brush, like this one, to cut in around your corners and any other areas that cannot be reached by a small roller. 

Use a mini roller, like these to paint the rest of your furniture. These rollers will give you a nice smooth finish without any brush strokes. Let your paint dry for several hours and do a second coat, if needed (this piece needed one).

Step 4: After your final coat of paint has dried, apply a protective clear coat. I used Minwax Water-Based Polycrylic in Satin. Apply this with a good quality brush. You can't use the mini rollers for this step, because they will cause the clear coat to bubble, and you won't get a smooth finish. Allow your clear coat to dry for the amount of time indicated on the can (usually 24 hours) before normal use.

Step 5: Attach your hardware. I used the original hardware, so I didn't need to drill new holes, but you might need to if you're using new hardware. I also lined the backs of the shelves, the inside of the drawer, and the entire back side of this desk for a finishing touch! I used pretty wrapping paper and attached it with double stick tape. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the print on the paper is a silvery metallic.

More pictures of the finished desk:

I also decided to add the wrapping paper to the back of the desk, since it can be seen from many angles throughout my house:

Coming up to the main level:

Looking down from the 3rd level of the house:

Coming down the stairs to the main level:

One more before and after shot for fun:

I hope you enjoyed the makeover!

I'm going to take my time styling the desk and I'll update you when I do! 

In the meantime, come back tomorrow to see how I brought the original hardware back to life!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love it! You are amazing!!I love the wrapping paper idea just adds a special touch! Fantastic job!!!

  2. That looks great! Love the color. How did you get the hardware so clean?

  3. That looks so pretty! How did you attach the paper to the back of it? I love that detail.

  4. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you like it!

    Melissa...I'll be doing a separate post all about the hardware tomorrow!

    Allison, I used double stick tape to attach the wrapping paper!

  5. gorg and more gorg!! You did a WONDERFUL job!

  6. Aw thank you, Coley! I'm glad you love it!:)

  7. Rachel, your desk looks great and I love the paint color you chose! Beautiful job!

  8. Thanks Jena! It was actually a "custom" mix I made by combining leftover paint from around the house!

  9. I absolutely love it...


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