Monday, April 16, 2012

Family pictures!

I've been wanting to have some pictures of Audrey taken for a few weeks now! Finally, it worked out and we were able to go this past weekend. Lately, it's really been sinking in how fast Audrey is growing and changing, so I'm more compelled than ever to capture every precious moment of her!

Here are some of my favorites! I hope you like them too!

Audrey did such a great job sitting for the photographer! We were so proud of her. She made some pretty cute faces too, don't you think?! 


  1. She's so cute! Love the last picture...

  2. What a beautiful family! I love your blog! I have a son that was born in September so our babies are pretty close in age :)

  3. Thanks girls!
    Natalie, isn't it shocking how fast they've changed and grown?!

  4. Your baby girl is beautiful! Have you heard the song "Like My Mother Does" by Lauren Alaina? I cry every time I hear it! It's such a beautiful song for moms!;-mpt=uo=4

  5. Thank you! Yes I've heard it...I think she performed it on American Idol earlier this year.


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