Monday, April 9, 2012

Goodwill Lamp Makeover

Before I show you the makeover, a little backstory...

I was getting really tired of the existing lamp on my living room end table.

It liked it ok when I bought it a few years ago, but my taste has changed a bit since then, and I've also been wanting to add touches of gold to this room. So, rather than buying a brand new lamp, I decided to spray paint this one gold. The overall result wasn't bad, but I just couldn't get the exact shade of gold that I wanted. So, after 2 failed attempts at getting the color just right, I decided to go to my local Goodwill to see if they had anything that would work for me!

I was so excited to find this brass lamp with a marble base! Guess how much it was? 

$5.95. Can you believe it?! It was quite tarnished, and I figured it needed to be re-wired, but those were minor things that I knew I could fix.

To bring the brass back to life, I used Rub n' Buff in Gold Leaf that I had leftover from my brass hardware makeover

I put on a disposable glove, and just rubbed it on the high points of the lamp using my finger.

See how it's transforming the finish and really making the detail stand out? So pretty!

I was thrilled with how it turned out. It still looks old and antique, but it has a lot more life now!

Here's how it looks in the living room:

As you can tell, I just switched the shade from the old lamp to the new one. I love how the modern silver frame looks with the old brass lamp. I'm so happy with the whole look now!

Did you notice in the makeover pictures above that the lamp got a new cord and socket? I'm working on putting together a detailed tutorial on how to re-wire a lamp, next! 

What do you guys think of the lamp makeover? Can you believe it was $5.95?! Have you found any thrift store treasures lately?


  1. 5 bucks?? you made it look like a million!! and i love the way you styled everything around it. i am terrible when it comes to interior stuff, so this is super inspiring that you can take something old and make it new on a budget! thanx for stopping by my blog! love yours!!

  2. Aw thanks Jenny, you're too sweet! Love your blog too!

  3. Oh how I love your thriftiness!


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