Saturday, April 7, 2012

Purse and jewelry shadowboxes

If you're just catching up, these are the shadowboxes on the wall in our master bedroom. I wanted to show you more detailed pictures and give you a few tips on how I assembled them.

This one was somewhat challenging, because I didn't want to damage the purse in the process of attaching it to the back of the shadowbox.

First, I added my own fabric to the back, and then later, I painted the frame a champagne gold. To attach the purse to the back of the shadowbox, I used velcro strips. First, I ironed 2 strips to the shadowbox fabric. Then, I added 2 matching strips to the back of the purse using straight pins. That way, the purse stayed in original condition without any damage to the fabric. 

The other crochet purses that I have were really easy. I just used straight pins to attach them to the back of the shadowbox. Again, I changed out the fabric on the back. 

For this jewelry set of my grandmother's, I used straight pins to shape the necklace and bracelet into a circle. The set is just costume jewelry, but I've always loved it. I wore it to a wedding once, and I lost one of the earrings. They're just clip-ons, so I didn't notice that it was missing right away. I was so sad. It will definitely be staying in this box from now on.

This is my favorite shadowbox. Isn't the fabric so cute? It came this way! I found it at Home Goods.

Inside is a mix of family heirlooms and some childhood jewelry that is very special to me. They're all attached with either plain straight pins, or straight pins with pearl heads. 

Below is a vintage Tiffany bow pin. Josh's mom brought it to the hospital and gave it to me when Audrey was born. Her mother-in-law gave it to her when Josh was born. Isn't that such a sweet gift to pass on? 

That's me! I think I was about 2 at the time.

A vintage enamel and gold belt buckle that belonged to Josh's grandmother. 

I really love that I now have all of these special pieces on display so that I can enjoy them even if I'm not wearing them. How do you store or display your keepsakes? Let me know in the comments!


  1. This is such a beautiful thing to do with your keepsakes! I love it! It makes me a little sad though because we were robbed earlier this year (while on vacation) and all of my little pins and lockets that meant so much to me were taken. They were just stored in my jewellery box. I wish I had done something like this so that I could have at least enjoyed them while I still had them!

  2. Thanks Teresa! Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that...I know that their sentimental value can never be replaced:(


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