Monday, July 16, 2012

Cute new iPhone case!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to pop in real quick to show you a super cute iPhone case I just bought. I had been using my personalized iPhone case, but when I spotted this one, I had to have it!

I can't remember exactly how, but I came across it on Instagram when I saw a shop called Yes. I fashion. When I saw a photo of the case, I thought for sure the price would be outrageous for something so pretty and original, but it was only $28! I thought that was very reasonable, so it didn't take me long to click "add to cart"! 

It shipped really quickly too...within a few days of ordering. I was really impressed with that! If you'd like your own, click here. They also have a few other adorable cases and other accessories!

What's your current iPhone case?


  1. that's super cute! i love the gold

  2. Nice case!

  3. Omg this case looks sooo gorgeous and eccentric!

    <3 Kelly

  4. Absolutely cute. I love that gorgeous design and your choice of selection. Where i can find that for my iPhone. ucuz cep tele


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