Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall shopping: Anthropologie and JCrew

Hi everyone! We had an amazing time with Andrea and Bryan here (they left last night), and I want to share some pictures with you from their visit....but first...

We all went shopping yesterday and I found some adorable stuff that I can't wait to show you!

I definitely need some tops for fall. Last fall, I was very pregnant, and then had a post-partum belly for most of the season. The fall before that, I was working in an office, so needless to say, my wardrobe needs have drastically changed over the past couple of years.

I found a few tops today, but I think I'll need more before fall and winter are here. I seem to never realize what I need until I'm standing in my closet, staring at the few options that I constantly rotate. Tops are so challenging for me. I want to be comfortable enough to crawl around and play with Audrey, yet still look put together when we are out and about, and I need to be able to breastfeed easily in whatever top I'm wearing. I think these tops meet all of my criteria and on top of that, I adore them! Let me know what you guys think...

This was on sale for $39.95 and I got it in the XS. I love that it's long enough to wear with leggings (a wardrobe staple of mine), and the cowlneck can be pulled down easily for breastfeeding without ruining the shirt. I think it's great for the warm weather now, but will transition nicely into fall with the addition of a cute cardigan...and the lace applique on the shoulder is too cute! Andrea bought this top too! I should have taken a twin picture for you!

 I didn't end up purchasing this top, but it was also on sale for $39.95. I liked it a lot, but this was the size small, and it was too big. There was no XS available in my store, but it looks like they do have some online if you're interested. It's hard to tell, but the sides of the shirt are cute!

This is by far my favorite find of the day! Bryan actually spotted it and I'm so glad he did! I'm in love with the burnt orange lace with the charcoal gray stripes. This one will have to be pulled up to feed Audrey, so it's not as convenient (I always prefer to pull my shirts down rather than up), but I think the fabric is stretchy enough that it will keep its shape. I just could not walk away from this one, even at full price. I think it will be so cute with skinny jeans tucked into brown boots for fall. I bought this one in the XS. It looks like the XL is only size available online right now.

I seriously cannot find this cardigan online! I'll keep looking though...
It's heather brown with an ivory chiffon ruffle on one side and asymmetrical buttons. It's lightweight and so comfortable. I think I'll get a lot of use out of this even now and in the spring. I got the XS. 

Anthropologie is not one of my go-to stores. It's pricey, and I don't always love everything they have, but I was so happy with my finds today. I saw so many more things that I loved, but wouldn't even allow myself to try on because of the price! This shopping trip has definitely made me want to go in more often! Maybe that's a bad thing!

(Imagine these pants with a different top!). Here, I'm trying on the heather charcoal pixie pant in a 00R. I was just trying these on for size, but I'm going to order the 00S in black. The regular length isn't terrible, but they bunch up too much for my liking. I would recommend sizing down in these. I'm not usually a 00, but I felt like these fit perfectly. They're meant to be very tight, so you don't want any extra fabric that could look baggy or bunchy. These are a heavier stretchy fabric that I think will be awesome in fall and winter. They have a cute zipper detail in the back that makes them feel just a little fancier than leggings, but still just as comfortable. I think these will easily become a go-to pant for me over the fall and winter. I'll let you know how the short fits once I have them in hand!

I didn't end up buying these, but here are my thoughts on fit for anyone interested. This was the 25 and they fit me really well, aside from the fact that I didn't think they were tight enough around and behind my knees. Maybe that's just the way they are cut, but they felt baggier than my Ankle Stretch Jeans in Dyed Twill (also here) which I have in a size 24, so keep in mind that although the pants are extremely similar, the fit is very different!

Have you done any shopping lately...especially with fall in mind? Let me know what you've bought! Also, I'm on the lookout for some tank tops to wear under cardigans as well as skinny ankle-length jeans. Let me know if you have any good recommendations!

Happy almost-weekend!


  1. Great finds!! So cute for fall!! Love!!

  2. I've just recently discovered your blog, and I love it!! You have great taste, and I love your style. The Lace & Lines Pullover is gorgeous on you.

    I have a question about the fit of the Floral Flourish Cowlneck top that maybe you could answer. I'm 20 weeks pregnant right now and have been looking for cute, longer-length, non-maternity tops. There just are not many cute maternity tops out there!! I've had my eye on this one for awhile now, but my local store doesn't have it for me to try on. Do you think it would work with a pregnant belly? I'm normally 110 pounds or so and wear an XS, about 118 pounds now with a small baby bump. If you think it would work, would you recommend sticking with my normal XS or going up to a size S? I thought about going up to the size S, but I'm small-chested and afraid the S would be too loose up top. I appreciate any advice you may have before I take the plunge and order it!

  3. Hi Emily! Thanks so much!:)

    I totally understand where you're coming from about the maternity clothes! I had the same problem!

    I think this top could definitely work with a belly! There is a little ruching around the sides so I think that would be to your advantage. The XS might fit you now, but I wonder for how long. I don't think you could go wrong with the size Small. Even if it is a little large in the chest, I think this is the type of top where you can get away with that.

    I think if I was 20 weeks right now, the XS would be pretty tight in the belly. I would play it safe and go with the Small since your belly (and probably chest!) will only get bigger:)

    Hope that helps!!

  4. That is VERY helpful--thank you so much! I think I will go with the size Small to be on the safe side and give myself room to grow!

    Thanks again! By the way, your daughter is the CUTEST! I am having a boy, but Audrey was our girl name that we had chosen. Hopefully next time we'll get to use it! I think it's the prettiest, most elegant sounding name, and of course reminiscent of the lovely Audrey Hepburn :) Good choice!

  5. Thank you, Emily!:) That's so sweet of you to say! Congrats on your little boy!!!
    Good luck with the top! I think you'll love it!

  6. I LOVE your blog...I discovered over when The Nest was active! You inspired me to stop in Anthropologie this weekend and I got the Lace and Linens Pullover in the blue combo! I am so excited to wear it this fall with jeans and boots or a pencil skirt and flats. Pixie pants in black are also on my Christmas list. I sew also and am excited to try some of your baby inspired projects for my friends who are expecting. I always look forward to your new postings!

  7. Hi Claire! Thank you....that's all so sweet of you to say!
    I can't wait to wear my Lace and Lines top either! I want fall to start now!!!:)


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