Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I got my September box last week, but just haven't gotten around to posting this until now! I am sad to say that this box was not exciting to me...just like the last several have been.

Let's take a look:

The only thing that is interesting to me is the nail polish. I will probably give the perfume sample away (I'm just not a big perfume wearer since Audrey has been born), I don't usually shop at Madewell, and the rest of the samples are just kind of ok. 

I've decided to cancel my subscription for now. I kept telling myself that if I didn't like the next month's box, that I would cancel....and I think that went on for a few months.

It's not that I don't think Birchbox is a great idea. I totally do. I've even found some great products which I've ordered in full sizes, like Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer and Befine Exfoliating Cleanser (which is unavailable on the Birchbox website right now). 

I will probably sign up again in the future, but for now, I think my $10 a month can be better spent elsewhere. If you are interested in trying it out, you can still use my referral link by clicking here!

If you're a Birchbox subscriber, what did you think of your box this month? 


  1. I liked the hair tie and the nail polish, but the rest of the box was underwhelming. Whenever I cancel though, the boxes get better, so I am afraid to cancel again! LOL.

  2. I'm not a subscriber, but those drops intrigue me. What is your thought on that product?

  3. Erin, I feel like that will happen to me too!

  4. Hi Michelle! I find the scent doesn't last very long on me, but I do find myself opening the bottle and smelling it from time to time (that sounds weird!) when I need a little pick me up. I doubt that I'd spend $29 on the full size, though.

  5. I've always wanted to sign up but I'm afraid itll just be money down the drain bc of all the reviews people give...

  6. Christina Marie, I hear you! I did like it for a time, and I think I will sign up again in the future. I'm happy that I found some products that I love and have added to my beauty routine...I think it's just hard to know if you will love every box that comes your way! You could always try it for a couple months and then cancel!


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