Thursday, September 27, 2012

Let's talk about pictures...

I've always been crazy about taking pictures of everything! I'm pretty sure it annoys my entire family (and maybe my friends too!). But, since Audrey's birth, my picture taking has reach a whole new level of insanity! Can you blame me though?!

The only thing is, I've never been good about printing my photos and putting them in albums. Lately,  I've been realizing that there's no sense in having thousands of pictures sitting on my computer that no one ever looks at.

I think it's high time I do something about this.

I'm thinking about making photo books on Blurb. Have any of you ever done that? I heard it's a great end product, and that the site is very user friendly. I've made photo books on Shutterfly before, but I'm thinking about giving this a shot since I can create a much larger book.

Do you go the traditional route and print your photos to go in a regular album, or do you like creating photo books online? What sites have you tried? Tell me about how you like to organize your photos, and I'll keep you updated on what I'm doing, too!


  1. Oh my gosh this is exactly what I'm working on right now! We just had Tylar's first birthday party and it hit me that I have thousands of pictures of her and don't have any albums. I think I'm going to do a first year photo book with my favorites and print the rest to keep in a photo box because I'm a sucker for boxes of pictures. :)

  2. I LOVE blurb and highly recommend! its so user friendly too, much more so than other book making sites I've tried! that pooh picture is beyond words adorable!!!!!!!! you inspired me to print out my pics!

  3. That first photo is AMAZINGLY cute.

    I, like you, take photos of everything yet never print them. Now that I am pregnant I am making a vow to print photos of my baby and put them in albums!

  4. Thanks all!:) Frances, I'm glad you recommend Blurb! I'm looking forward to trying it!

  5. I am excited for you to try doing a Blurb book, I have been thinking about ordering one. One of my friends does family "yearboks" and orders a photo book for the whole year, and organizes it by month with all her photos. I thought that was a great idea, just need to get motivated to organize all my photos to do it... :)

  6. Genevieve, I was planning on doing the family yearbooks as well! Once I have time, of course....haha!

  7. I'm a big scrap booker and I do them by year. But I love pictures and love sharing them in books. *Michelle*


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