Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY Sweater Vases

I saw this idea on Pinterest over a year ago, and I'm so excited that I finally tried it out for myself! Here's the image I saw that inspired me to create my own:

I never actually read the original tutorial, because it seemed simple enough to figure out on my own. Here's how I created mine:

You will need:

  • Any knit sweater (I got mine for about $3 at my local Goodwill)
  • A vase or other container
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Pins 
  • Sewing machine
First, measure the circumference of your vase.

Then, measure the height of the vase to the point where you'd like the sweater to stop. Add on an extra inch for the hem (assuming the bottom edge will be raw).

Cut your sweater according to your measurements. You can choose to cut any part of the sweater for your vase. I used the bottom edge of this sweater so I could get the nice, thick ribbing. Depending on the size of your container, you could also use the sleeves or neck of the sweater. The idea is to use one finished edge of the sweater, so there's less sewing involved.

Once you have your sweater piece cut, fold over the raw edge and hem it (I didn't even bother pinning it). Trim excess, if any.

Once the hem is done, wrap the sweater around your container wrong side out, and pin it in place. You'll want to stretch it a little so that it's nice and snug around your container.

Sew together, trim excess.

That's it! Now you have a cute little sweater for your vase!  If you want to, you can even add some buttons, beads or other embellishments. 

Here are some more that I made. I used containers that I already had...some were vases, some were just mason jars. I really love how they all turned out! Right now, they are scattered throughout my house filled with branches, leaves or candles. They are not only great for fall decor, but winter decor too, so I plan on leaving them out until the spring!

Have you guys tried this out before? I think it's so cute and easy...I can't believe it took me so long to do! Now my glass containers look so warm and cozy for fall and winter, and come spring, I can just slip off the sweaters and store them away until next fall!

Next, I'm going to show you a couple of other cute and easy things you can make with knit sweaters! Stay tuned and happy OCTOBER!!!


  1. Those are really cute! Love this idea :)

  2. Thanks Emily! Whoever had the original idea was so creative!


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