Friday, October 12, 2012

Easy furniture glazing method

I've had this gray cabinet for over a year now, but since purchasing my china cabinet on Craigslist, I no longer needed this piece in my kitchen. See it on the left? (PS-my kitchen doesn't look like this's in the middle of being redecorated and soon, repainted. Don't tell Josh though, he doesn't know about the painting part yet! Haha).

Since my china cabinet will go along this wall, I decided to move the gray cabinet into the living room. It's great for storing my linens, stationary, and other things I need on a daily basis, so I wanted to keep it nearby.

Last year, I had painted it in a hurry, just a couple of weeks before Audrey was born, and I always felt like it was missing something. It was just too "clean" looking, so I decided that a coat of glaze and changing the hardware finish would give it the look I wanted.

Here's how it started, in its new spot behind the love seat in the living room:

Here's what I used to glaze it:

  • Brown paint (mine was a $2 mis-tint)
  • Cup of water
  • Paint brush
  • Paper towels (or rags)

First, lightly dip the paintbrush in the paint, then gently brush it off on a paper towel.

Next, lightly dip the brush in the water. Again, brush it off just a bit onto the paper towel.

Then, just wipe the brush along your furniture in an up and down motion. I used up and down motions for the entire piece, aside from the top and drawers where I used a left to right sweeping motion. 

Now, wipe it off with your paper towel, and you'll be left with a light glaze.

Repeat over the whole piece, working quickly so that the glaze doesn't dry before wiping. 

I did just one coat of glaze, but if you're looking for a darker or more aged finish, you can do as many as you like until you achieve the result you're looking for. 

Once the glaze was dry, I gave the cabinet one coat of Minwax Polycrylic protective top coat. While the top coat was drying, I spray painted the hardware gold. I think it compliments the glaze really well, and of course it fits in really nicely with the rest of the gold accents in the living room.

I'm really happy with the way it turned out!

I love its new location, too. I think it will be great to use for entertaining as a little buffet for drinks, serving platters, and more!

I hope you liked this little makeover...and this easy glazing method!

We have a busy weekend ahead! Once again, we are traveling to NJ to visit family, and as soon as we get back, we have Audrey's one year photo shoot. Then, I'll be working hard to finish making things, running last minute errands, and cleaning up the house for her party! Exciting, but very busy! 

Speaking of exciting...the china cabinet is 100% finished! I can't wait to share it with you but...much to my shock and dismay, the external drive that holds all of my photos is now refusing to open my albums! I'm sure it can be repaired (again), but I will probably have to take it to the Apple store (again!), and I'm not sure how soon I can do that...but it's definitely a priority! 

I hope you all have a beautiful fall weekend! 


  1. I love the way it turned out Rachel! Nice job (I really liked it in the dining room, too). ;-)

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