Friday, December 14, 2012

DIY ornament ideas

This year, I wanted to give my tree a new look (ok...let's be honest, I want this every year!). But, I didn't want to go out and buy a bunch of expensive ornaments to get the look I wanted. I also didn't want to spend a lot of time making ornaments that I might not want to use next year!

Here are some of the really easy and inexpensive DIY ornament ideas I used on my tree this year and I'm loving them! I'm sure you've seen some of them before...

Ribbon filled clear ball

I actually bought these plastic balls last year and never used them for a project I had in mind. They came in handy this year! I just filled them with ribbon that I already had on hand, so this project cost me nothing. 

Paper filled clear ball

I just cut paper into strips using a paper cutter (easier than scissors, but not necessary), and put them inside the ball. I used sheet music, but you could use book pages too! Again...these ornaments cost me nothing since I already had the supplies on hand.

Decoupage and glitter ornament

These were freebies too. I had some dark green glass balls that I no longer wanted to hang on my tree, so I changed them into something I liked more. I've seen similar ornaments at Pottery Barn and there are copies all over Pinterest too. I just decoupaged them with sheet music and then sprinkled on some white glitter. If you need instructions on how to decoupage, go here.

Decorated silverware 

I am so in love with this idea and it's perfect for my tree this year! I saw a very similar idea at a local garden center and knew that I had to make it my own. I found all of the silverware at Goodwill for 49 cents a piece. I had silver wire and pearls on hand which I just wrapped around each utensil in a random fashion. 

I hope these ideas inspire you to use what you have and get creative with your ornaments! It's not too late! Go make some ornaments this weekend! 


  1. i love making these! it's a sure sign your tree will be one of a kind :)

  2. Thanks Veronika! I loved your handmade ornaments too! I featured them in my handmade gift ideas post the other week:)


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