Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY bath toy bag

Hey friends! Hope you've all been well! Here's a little project I whipped up last week. I saw the original project here, and thought it was such a great idea.

This is so easy, it barely calls for a tutorial, but here's how I did it:

I used 5/8 yards of mesh fabric (purchased at Joann's), and folded it in half so that the factory finished edges were together. Then, I just sewed along the 2 sides, and the finished edge becomes the opening to the bag. But before sewing all the way up the edges, I tucked in a short piece of ribbon on each side to use to hang the bag up (and of course, turn the back right side out). And that's it! Easy! 

If you visit the original tutorial, you'll see that she made her bag slightly differently and hers even has a cute accent ribbon at the top! Maybe I'll add one to mine someday! 

The thing I love about this bag is that it won't hold water, like plastic bath toy holders can, which eventually leads to mold and mildew. This bag can be thrown in the wash so it's always nice and clean! It lets the toys drain and dry completely, so mold and mildew aren't an issue. 

I didn't have any suction cup hooks on hand, so I just used 3M Command Hooks, and they seem to be holding up nicely. 

This photo will give you an idea of the scale of the bag. It's quite large, so it can accommodate plenty of toys as Audrey's collection grows! 

Hope you all enjoyed this simple project! See you soon! 

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