Monday, March 4, 2013

New paint color in the foyer

If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that we painted our foyer a few days ago! Well, actually, we hired someone to do it. Normally, I would have just painted it myself, but with Audrey being so active, and us being busy as it is, we thought it would be well worth it to have someone just do it in a few hours....and it was!

I had been wanting to paint it for a while. I chose the blue color a couple years ago, and I liked it for about the first 2 minutes it was on the wall....then I was done with it. It just didn't feel like "me", but we lived with it for a while. Since we are hoping to move soon, I thought now would the perfect time to repaint it. Besides the fact that I didn't like the blue, I thought it was too bold and too specific a color to show well when we put it on the market. Even if we don't find our next home soon, I still love the color and can finally enjoy a neutral foyer instead of the bold blue one!

Here's how it looked before: (well, this was also before I added the dresser, and did a little rearranging, but you get the idea...)

And now:

I think it looks so much better! Like a breath of fresh air! The color is Sherwin Williams "Popular Gray". It's a light gray-beige. The way I picked it out was very unorthodox (for me!). I was driving by a paint store one day, and decided I just needed to buy the paint for the foyer, and get the ball rolling. I spent about 2 minutes looking at swatches, decided on this color, bought 2 gallons, and was on my way! Normally, I would have taken samples home, painted them on the walls and spent days staring at them, but I just didn't feel like prolonging the process! I probably would have been more picky if we weren't planning on moving soon, but either way, I'm really happy with this color choice.


I'm not sure if I'm totally in love with the frames above the settee, but they're ok for now, and I think they look much better than a giant blank wall. I used to have a couple walls in the back of the foyer that were full of antique family photos, but I decided not to re-hang those...again, with resale in mind. I also need to give the dresser a makeover...but it's one of those things that never seems to take priority. One day, I will get it done! For now, I'm just so happy that my walls are a pretty, neutral color!

Hope you guys like it too! Have a great Monday!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the color and the decor makeover! Great use of the dresser!

  2. So beautiful! And loe the color choice.....that is the color of my master bedroom! It is such a nice color :)

  3. it looks fantastic! light gray is the best paint color :)

  4. Everything looks gorgeous! The color and the decorating are perfect!

  5. Great color, and I actually love the cluster of empty frames.

  6. Where did you get that beautiful settee? I'm in love! Also, the little kid coats are so unbelievably adorable, I can't wait to be able to do the same


    1. Thanks! I actually found it at Goodwill for $30! Here's another post on it where you can see what it looked like before!


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