Monday, March 25, 2013

Updated pictures of the kitchen

Hey everyone! Can you believe we woke up to a thick blanket of snow this morning?! (Check out my Instagram for a pic). I think we've had more snow in the month of March than we had all winter combined. Hopefully spring will show up soon!

I have been wanting to share updated pictures of the whole house with you for quite some time. I figured I had better get to it before we have to put our house on the market and I have to start depersonalizing around here!

First, is the kitchen (because it was the easiest to clean up!). It's not perfect, but we love it. It's very well used and functional for our family. And never looks this tidy on a daily basis, just in case you were wondering!

The table is a Goodwill find that I painted and distressed, and the chairs are from Josh's grandmother. 

The silver is a mix of family pieces and Goodwill finds!

Original china cabinet makeover here.

Audrey's growth chart is from Dear Lillie.

The china cabinet is filled with a mix of newer items and family heirlooms.

Audrey is learning letters now, so we always have the alphabet up on the chalkboard wall!

Pretty canister idea from Life in Grace.

An antique milkshake maker from Josh's side of the family. 

Audrey's Learning Tower...still wrapped in Christmas ribbon so she can't climb in and out by herself just yet! :)

So that's it for the kitchen! I'll eventually add these to the "tour my nest" page, too. Next I'm going to try to share some new pictures of the living and dining room with you!

Hope you all have a good Monday! Is it snowing where you are too?!


  1. Your house looks great! I check your blog from time to time (found it ages ago on The Nest) and didn't realize that you're planning to move. I live in northern VA too, and we're just about to finish selling our house. I'm sure you know that it's an incredible seller's market around here right now (our house went under contract in just days), you should feel super confident about how your house will fare when you go to sell! We're buying new construction... looking forward to hearing about your plans.

    1. Hi Alison! Thanks so much! What a funny coincidence! I'll be doing a blog post soon updating everyone on our house hunting process!:) Good luck with building! That sounds fun!!!


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