Thursday, April 11, 2013

What we've been up to....

If you follow along on Instagram, you might already know that me and Audrey are visiting with my bff, Andrea, this week. Some of these pictures will be repeats for Instagram followers, but some are new!

Audrey stole Josh's headphones before he left for a business trip! She thought they were so fun!

Fresh raspberries for a snack!

Audrey loves running around the dance studio! Last time we were here, she wasn't walking yet!

Future ballerina!

Morning snuggles and a Pooh book.

Audrey is obsessed with Andrea and Bryan's phone! She picks it up and says "Hullo! Unca Bynan!"

Bryan called the house phone from his cell while in the same room as Audrey. She was amazed!

Simple entertainment!

We walked into town to get ice cream with Auntie one day. Audrey kept asking for "more cream!".

More "phone calls". Very important stuff!

Auntie and her bean in coordinating outfits!

More fun in the studio!

Early morning Audrey!

I think it's clear that she's going to be taking their phone home with us!

While browsing some shops, we found the cutest bear! Of course we couldn't leave without it!

Trying a mini M&M, chocolate covered pretzel. This girl definitely shares her mommy's love of chocolate! She picked off the M&M's and told me which color each one was!

Hope you're having a fun week too! 


  1. She is so cute! And getting so big!

  2. How sweet! I LOVE her tutu! Adorable shots!!


  3. I am having a great week, but it would be greater if we could see you and Audrey! Glad you are having a great and special time w/ Andrea. LYS


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