Thursday, May 30, 2013

A change

Hey there! Hope you're having a good week! It's a hot one here....about 90 degrees every day! We are really excited to get the key to our rental home this Saturday! We won't be moving until the following weekend, but I'm looking forward to getting in and cleaning it, maybe moving a few things in ahead of time, and taking some pictures to show you!

While I'm at it....does anyone want to come hang out with Audrey next week so I can finish packing? Hahah. Joking. Not really, though!

Ok...onto the real reason for my post today! Although the timing does not seem ideal with everything else we have going on, I decided now is the time to change my eating habits, starting with 3 day cleanse. Ah! 

I found this cleanse from Dr. Oz on Pinterest and it seemed like a good fit for me. 

It's a 3 day juice cleanse and I love that it uses all fresh fruits and veggies that you make at home, so there's no guessing what's in your drink. If you go to the Dr. Oz website, you can learn more about the cleanse, but the basic idea is that it eliminates toxins from the body and resets your whole system. 

I'm really excited to try this! I plan on starting early next week (not sure of the exact day yet). It will be our last week in our current house, so I think the busyness of packing will actually help me to focus less on the fact that I'm not eating big meals 3 times a day. 

To help my body get ready for the cleanse, I've been trying to cut down on processed foods this week. Hopefully this will help ease my body into the cleanse...meaning less headaches and feelings of withdrawal from things like gluten and sugar. 

After the cleanse, my plan is to try to "eat clean" as much as possible (no processed foods). This will be a big change for me and my family! We eat fairly healthy now, but we eat too many processed snack foods and other junk we shouldn't be putting into our bodies, too. I just want to look and feel my best all of the time, and I know we need a change around here in order to get there! I'm sure it won't be easy, and I'm not expecting that we can cut out processed foods 100% right away, but we're going to start slowly and work our way up. 

I'm excited about this. I want Audrey to grow up with healthy eating habits, and know how to make good choices even when we aren't there to supervise her. Thankfully, she's already a great, healthy eater, but I think cutting out as many processed foods as we can now, will help her in the long run. I want her to know what whole foods taste like and love them!

Now, I'm not saying we won't have treats or that Audrey will grow up not knowing what chips and cookies are! She sure will (and trust me, she already does!), but I want our daily choices to be more health conscious so that when we do indulge in something, we don't feel so guilty, and it won't be something we do everyday or multiple times a day. 

I'm hoping this will be a realistic, long-term change for us. To help me get a jump start on making "clean" meals for my family, I've signed up for the clean eating plan from e-meals. With e-meals, you choose the plan that is right for you, indicate your family size, and then you're sent a meal plan each week. Pretty great, right? 

At first, I was hesitant to pay for weekly meal plans, but since I'm not used to cooking completely "clean" meals, I decided that this would give me a head start without any guess work. Plus, it takes the stress out of meal planning for me, which is something I absolutely dread every week. It makes your weekly meals work together, so that you're not buying 20 different ingredients to only use one time....which is exactly what happens when I meal-plan on my own!

I've also been using The Gracious Pantry for new recipes, it's an entire blog dedicated to clean eating!

So, that my friends, is the change that's happening here. I'll let you know when I'm starting the cleanse (probably next Monday or Tuesday), and how it goes.

Have you done a cleanse, or this cleanse before? Do you eat clean? Would you like to join me? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. I love the Hungry For Change cleanse! I did it in January and have been vegetarian (and mostly vegan-I have the odd free range eggs and organic milk & cheese). I feel so much brighter and it has rubbed off on my husband and kids too! We choose local produce first then organic and have very minimal package foods (if so they're organic). I have started making everything from scratch, even condiments! If there are healthy choices readily available for the kids they will eventually choose them! It's hard at first when it's new for them but stick with it, it's so worth it!


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