Friday, May 24, 2013

Moving and construction update!

Our current home is starting to look pretty empty! I've packed pretty much everything but the essentials, although there is still a lot that needs to be done!

We finally found a place to rent while our house is being built. It was challenging to find someone who wanted a short term renter with a small pet, but with the help of our amazing real estate agent, we did it. It's a townhouse about half the size of our current one, which means we will need to put even more furniture and boxes in storage. The house is only a couple of years old and really quite nice. I'm really happy with it, even though it's temporary. I think someone had me in mind when choosing paint colors too....lots of blue and gray on the main level! I'll definitely share some pictures when we are able to get in. Our lease begins June 1st, but we will probably move on June 8th. We don't close on our current home until June 14th, so that gives us plenty of time to move without much pressure. I'm so glad we aren't closing and moving on the same day!

Another great thing about the townhouse we'll be renting is that it's only 10 minutes away from our future home, (as opposed to 20-30 like we are now), so it will be easy to go over to check on progress or go to meetings on the homesite.

Speaking of progress, I just received these pictures from the construction manager and was so excited to see the foundation walls!

Well, that's pretty much it for this update! I'll keep you posted with the latest happenings!

Have a great weekend!

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