Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I wore: maxis

So this is what I wore Thursday and Friday of last week. It was very mid-80's!

I've been realizing that maxi skirts and dresses are probably going to become my go-to wardrobe staple for summer. You see, I have this small problem...I gained some weight when I added dairy back into my diet (after I knew Audrey could process it through my breast milk), and I gained a few pounds. I guess I didn't really think that not eating dairy for a year was keeping about 5 pounds off of me...but it seems like it was! So, now the thing is...I don't fit comfortably into a couple pairs of shorts and cropped pants that I bought just last year! Ugh.

I think maxi skirts and dresses are the perfect solution. They are very forgiving, so if I lose or gain a few pounds it won't matter too much, and they're totally mom-friendly for crawling around on the floor or playing at the park. I feel much better about buying a couple of these to get me through summer, instead of investing in more pants when I don't even seem to know what my size is!

Anyway, here are the outfits!

Top: Old Navy

Tank: JCrew, similar

Skirt: Spotted Moth

Shoes: (not pictured) JCrew

Necklace: Forever21, similar

Dress: Victoria's Secret, similarsimilar

Cuff bracelet: Lia Sophia, similarsimilar

Shoes: (not pictured) JCrew

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  1. I'm not so sure about the maxiskirt kombination but I love that dress!! Looks amazing on you!

  2. Oh wow, I love the second maxi! I am going to the beach next weekend and this looks like the perfect outfit to wear! I will be sure to go on a hunt for one this weekend. Eeeek! I hope I can find something as gorgeous as this :)

    I'd love it if you can drop by mine and check out my latest post:

  3. Both these outfits are killer! You look amazing, as always.


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