Sunday, July 14, 2013

Let's talk about sofas...

We decided we would purchase new seating for the family room of the new house, and knowing that furniture typically takes a couple months to come in, we started looking yesterday.

We pretty much know what we want...a light neutral, slipcovered sofa that is extremely comfortable. I used to think I wanted white sofas, but after seeing how messy life with a toddler can be, I decided against that! And Audrey is honestly a really tidy little girl, but even so, just daily wear and tear, sitting on it with dark jeans....made me think that even white slipcovers would get very dirty, very quickly.

I don't want to have a sofa that I'm constantly worried about. We are looking forward to moving into our new house, having more babies, having lots of guests over on a regular basis, eating food and drinking wine in the family room if we want to, having neighborhood kids come over for play dates... I want to be able to relax without restrictions, and know that when something does spill on the sofa, I can easily throw all the pieces in the wash and have it looking new in no time. Even so, I don't want the constant pressure of washing the slipcovers weekly....and I think that would definitely happen with white. So...a light neutral is the way we are going!

I narrowed down our search to a couple of places: Restoration Hardware and Arhaus. Conveniently, they are both having significant sales until Monday! We really want to take advantage of that, but we are still kind of undecided! This is definitely a major investment piece for us, so we want to make the right decision since we will be living with this for a very long time! We are going to hit up a couple local furniture stores today as well, although I'm not hopeful they will have exactly what we're looking for.

Let me walk you through what we found at Restoration Hardware and Arhaus.

First, Restoration Hardware.

Based on what I saw online, I liked the Belgian Classic Roll Arm sofa...

...but in person, the Belgian Slope Arm was much more comfortable to sit on.

I also like some of the other arm styles (the Belgian Roll Arm and the Belgian Petite Roll Arm), but they didn't have them in the store, so I'd be very hesitant to purchase one of those based on looks alone.

The Belgian Linen fabric on these is just gorgeous. So beautiful to look at, soft, casual but elegant, and can be machine washed! The stock color, Sand, (which you see above) is the perfect light neutral that I was hoping to find. I think it gives the same feeling of a white sofa, but I like it even better because it's not so stark and bright, and will nicely hide daily wear and tear in between washings.

Next, we went to Arhaus.

We instantly loved the Emory Grand Slipcovered Sofa.

Even though the cushions were just as deep as the RH sofas, these felt much deeper because of the way the back of the sofa was made. I could live on this sofa! It's amazing. I think Audrey liked it too...

The fabric was nice and can also be machine washed. Overall, I think it looks a little more casual than the RH Belgian Linen. I don't love the arm style on this one, although it's not a deal-breaker. The lightest color offered in the store (pictured above) was also darker than I was hoping for, and even seemed to have a green undertone. When I checked it out online, I was excited to see that they offer many more colors than I saw in the store. The only problem is, I'd have to order the swatches and by the time they arrive, the sale will be over! Agh. What to do.

I had a hard time finding detailed reviews about either of these sofas online, which is not helping my indecision! Do any of you own either of these sofas or have any experience with them? I'd love to hear what you think!

Like I said, we are still going to check out some local furniture stores today....and who knows, maybe we'll find something perfect, but I just have my doubts that we'll find a deep cushioned, light colored, insanely comfy, slipcovered sofa! But who knows....

If you want to follow along on Instagram today, I'm sure I'll post a picture or two during our shopping adventures!


  1. RH didn't have a book of swatches available in the store? That's lame! But honestly, from your post, it sounds like you love the Arhaus couch more. You didn't list any negatives for it.

    1. Thanks for the input! It was actually Arhaus who didn't have the complete collection of swatches in the store....disappointing!

  2. Funny, I had never heard of Arhaus when I first read this post. Went to a local outdoor mall this morning, and an Arhaus had literally just opened (I'm in South Jersey). I didn't have time to run in, but it looked nice. I love the RH sofa. Don't think you could go wrong either way! ~Jenn

    1. Thanks! Yes, definitely stop in Arhaus sometime!

  3. Rachel, in my experience RH and Arhaus and CONSTANTLY having sales! RH especially seems to always have its sofas on sale, and I once bought a dining room table at Arhaus thinking I had days before a sale ended only to discover that another "sale" (at the same exact price point) popped up a week or two later. Basically, if you need more time to consider, I really wouldn't rush at all based on the timing of the current "sales." Good luck, I love all these options too! Alison

  4. Replies
    1. We have! I will be posting about it soon!


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