Friday, July 26, 2013

Playing dress up

My mom didn't save a lot of my childhood clothes, but I do have a few special ones that she kept for me. This outfit is one of them. It's pretty sentimental because my grandmother bought it for me when I was about Audrey's age. The print is the Nova Scotia Tartan. I spent most of my childhood in Nova Scotia (Cape Breton Island), and my dad's family still lives there. They're actually all gathering for a family reunion and 60th wedding anniversary celebration for my grandparents this weekend. We couldn't make the trip this year, which I'm very sad about, but I thought these pictures were so fitting to share with you today.

I had been waiting for an evening cool enough to put Audrey in this outfit and get some pictures, and last night was just right for that. The pictures didn't turn out as great as I had hoped. I couldn't really find a spot in our community where there were no homes or cars in the background, but I also didn't really have time to drive somewhere else. And, as you can tell from the photos, I'm still learning to use my new camera. As for Audrey...well...she just loves to run free, so there are very few shots of her facing the camera! Maybe I'll try again when I can bring my assistant (aka Josh) along!

Here's the only picture I could find of me in the outfit! Unfortunately, someone cut it up at some point in time!

Hope these made you smile! Enjoy your weekend!


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