Friday, August 30, 2013

Framed art turned chalkboard sign

I'm excited to be sharing a mini project with you today! I miss having lots of crafts and little projects to share with you, but our current state of living is sort of not conducive to that at the moment. Hopefully, it will be again soon!

A little background story before we get into the actual project....

My mom acquired a lot of furniture and home decor items after my great aunt passed away last year. Her home was always immaculate and she took such good care of her belongings. My mom happily shared some of the pieces with me...letting me go through and pick out what I thought I could use for the new house. Most of it is still at her place since we don't have the room for it at our rental, but I did take a few smaller things with me last time we were there.

When I came across this piece of art (there are actually 2 that match), I immediately said, "no, I can't use that for anything". I did take a lot of other art, mostly just for the frames because the art itself wasn't my style. But when I saw the shape of these, I knew I couldn't even fit a normal photo in the frame, so I dismissed them entirely.

But then, I turned it sideways and thought that it looked like a sign and thought to paint it with chalkboard paint! I love seeing the hidden potential in things!

It was really easy to make the change...I used:

The same paint I used for my chalkboard wall in our last home, and an inexpensive paint brush (and some tape - not pictured).

The painting inside the frame was just a print done on cardboard. It was kind of screwed into the frame, so instead of removing it, I just taped off the inside edge of the frame. 

I used clear packing tape because I couldn't find my blue painters tape (I don't recommend this!). The packing tape could ruin your frame surface (mine was ok) but just use painters tape if you can!

Then, I just gave it 2 coats of chalkboard paint, letting it dry in between coats. Sorry, Aunt Ange. I hope you're not cringing up there in heaven!

I knew right away I wanted to leave the frame gold. I love how it looks with the matte black color of the chalkboard.

Before writing on it, I had to condition my new chalkboard surface. Just turn your chalk on its side and rub over the entire surface. This prevents the first thing you write on it from leaving a permanent mark.

I don't know exactly where I'll use these in the new place, but for now I just had some fun writing Audrey's name on one of them.

Hope this little project inspires you to see something in a new light! Eventually I'll have more "Aunt Ange" projects to share with you once I get my hands on some of the furniture my mom is giving me!

Have a great Labor Day weekend! 

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  1. so pretty! You really have a great eye for things. ~Jenn


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