Monday, August 26, 2013

We have....DRYWALL!

Folks, I've never been so excited about drywall in my life! We've had some delays in the building process, and I was starting to feel like we would never see drywall in here. This is a really exciting stage in the building because after drywall is in, we are 60-70 days from closing! Hopefully we will even be a little faster than that, since the builder has said they'd work to expedite some things because they've fallen behind the originally promised timeline.

I'm really hoping to be in by Audrey's birthday (Oct. 25th), but I feel like that might be a long shot! Pray with me that we will make it! I know it might sound silly, but I would just rather make memories of her birthday in our new home instead of our current rental (which doesn't feel much like "home"). Anyway, we are so thankful either way and just really excited to move in!

Here are some pictures I took on Saturday. I didn't get any of the basement level because the builders were still working down there.

Kitchen! There will be an island in the middle. The door goes to the pantry, mudroom and garage.

Josh and Audrey walking through the morning room, where we will put our kitchen table. The french doors lead to the backyard and eventual patio and outdoor fireplace (dreaming big!). We're really excited to have the option of a patio versus a deck since we are on ground level here!

The family room. Kitchen and morning room are to the right. 

Playroom (will have french doors), directly off the family room. So excited to be able to contain Audrey's toys! This room was meant to be an office, but we are using the formal living room at the front of the house for that.

Office. (Intended to be a formal living room). 

Looking into the dining room while standing in the office.

Dining room.

Another view of the morning room. 

Butlers pantry! Soooo excited for this feature!

A secondary staircase off the butler's pantry. 

View while standing in the dining room.

Main staircase to the right of the front door.

Part of the upstairs hallway. View while standing in the master bedroom. Straight ahead is a loft and to the right is a guest bedroom with full bath inside. 

Loft space (at least that's what we're calling it). I think this will be the upstairs play area, at least for the immediate future.

This is the guest room with full bath inside. 

More of the upstairs hallway. 

Master bedroom.

Master bath. A vanity will be on each side of the shower. We opted for an extra large shower over a standard shower and a tub. I'm kind of regretting the no-tub decision, but we have plenty others in the rest of the house.

Another view of the master bath.

Josh and Audrey in the hallway...she was testing out the bedrooms!

Audrey (having a minor tantrum) in her possible future bedroom. This is the bigger of the two "kid" bedrooms.

Down a smaller hallway is my laundry room (on the left) and at the end, another bedroom. There's a bathroom on the right which Audrey and future babies will share. 

I love this bedroom at the end of the hallway with its A-frame ceiling. I kind of want this one to be Audrey's because it's so charming!

Can't wait to get some wooden rockers for our front porch!

We are just feeling so blessed and so excited to start making memories in this home God has provided for us!


  1. Looks awesome so far! Can't wait to see it all finished-- it's going to be gorgeous!


  2. Wow! The house looks fab. The dining room has a plus point of having many windows outside. Perfect for giving it a spacious and open look. Windows can really broaden the look of any place.

    Also I had to stop by & ask that how do you plan to decorate & do the look of the house. Talking specifically about the Bedroom and the dining rooms?

    Jessica x

  3. So exciting!! It looks gorgeous. I LOVE LOVE morning rooms and really hope (when we sell this and find our next house!) we have a morning room too. Fingers crossed that you're moved in before Audrey's birthday! ~Jenn


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