Friday, November 29, 2013

Our Thanksgiving

Hi friends! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. It was just the 3 of us here, so we had a pretty relaxing day, just cooking and enjoying each other's company. Audrey always loves being involved in cooking and baking, so this holiday was super fun for her! Her favorite part of the meal was the homemade cranberry sauce! Here are a few pictures from our day. Hope you enjoy!

The table looks a little strange, but it's so big that I only had to use half of it for our 3 person dinner!

~ You may notice a little bit of holiday confusion....I started decorating for Christmas, but still wanted to keep the table "fall" for Thanksgiving! Ha! ~

Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Audrey's 2 year photos

We had photos taken for Audrey's birthday and I can hardly believe another year has gone by! It seems not too long ago that we had her one year photos done!

Once again, we used Stacey from Labor of Love Photography and we are beyond thrilled with her work! It's not easy getting great pictures of a toddler on the run! We took Lola this time...something we've wanted to do for a while, but have always put off because of the extra work involved. Thankfully, my mom was still here helping out with the move, so she was able to come along and manage Lola. Poor Mom, she had to climb a couple of fences to get out of the farm! We got locked in after hours and didn't have another way out. She wasn't too impressed, but she did it! Thanks, Mom!!!!

Hope you all enjoy the pictures! It was hard for me to narrow them down to share here!

If you haven't had enough:)...see more of our family photos here:

Audrey's one year photos
Audrey's 7 month photos
Audrey's newborn photos
Maternity photos

Hope to be back soon! I have a feeling blogging is going to be sparse with the holidays coming up, but I definitely want to keep you up to date on things with the house...especially Christmas decorations which are already in the works!

And just for fun...

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