Monday, November 18, 2013

How the house looks now

Finally...I'm sharing some pictures of the house! There is still a lot to do, but considering we've been here for less than a month, I'm pretty happy with where we are.

We will paint eventually, and I already have some ideas for colors, but we are going to live with the off-white for a while. I want to be sure of the colors we choose, and we're also prioritizing things like lighting and window coverings over things that are purely cosmetic, like paint.

I'm not sharing every single space in the house - just the main ones. We have a 4th bedroom upstairs that is basically empty, so no point in showing that...and Audrey's bathroom and the 2 guest bathrooms aren't too exciting at the moment either. Are you ready?! Let's take the tour!

Audrey's playroom...still have so many ideas for this space!

Dining room. The chairs were my Aunt Ange's and I plan to paint them white, distress them (of course), and re-cover them. I'm waiting on a farmhouse table that my dad is having built for us.

Here's the buffet you might've seen on my Instagram. I'll give you a full before and after soon! The dining chandelier is in that box on the floor.


I'm unsure if this settee will stay here permanently, but for now it works. I plan to hang a collection of family pictures on this wall. 

The office...definitely the most un-done room of the house.

Half bath, off the foyer.

Living room. I suppose technically this would be called the family room, but out of habit, I just say "living room". This is our main hang out space in the house and we love it.

A few things I'm on the hunt for in this room are an ottoman or two (the one in the pic goes with the sofa and love seat downstairs-from our former living room), a larger area rug, and a fireplace screen.

I might paint these walls light gray. It's hard to decide because the walls on the main level all sort of connect, so I really need to think it through.

I can't believe I finally have a white kitchen that I dreamed about for years! We thought we'd want to replace the countertops with marble right away (the builder wouldn't approve marble), but we don't mind these as much as we thought we would, so we're keeping them for a while. We had in mind to get a backsplash and farmhouse sink when we did the countertops too, so that will also be on hold for now. 

I debated between mini chandeliers or lanterns for over the island and I'm SO happy that I went with lanterns!

Eventually, I'll get some counter-height stools that will tuck in under the island. 

This door leads to the mudroom and garages. The double doors on the right are a closet and the pantry is on the left.

Butlers pantry.

This is what we're calling the loft. It's just an open space upstairs with a half wall where we have an extra play area.

Eventually, I'd like to paint the master a medium gray. New lamps, and an area rug are a few things on my list here. I just ordered this duvet set and plan to get a coordinating throw. The pillows I have may stay or go...I'm undecided until I see the new duvet. We used to have canopy rails on the bed, but we took them down and we love how it seems to open up the room. Down the road, we'd like to break up this furniture set and use some of the pieces in a guest room.

Our bathroom may get gray walls too. For now, I'm just looking for bathmats.

Audrey's room...lots to be done in here. I'm waiting for her blackout shades to arrive (these are paper for now), and I'll be hanging our previous living room curtains in here (ivory faux-taffeta). I'm not 100% sure about the furniture arrangement in here just yet. I'm thinking of painting the walls a soft blue. The rest of the room will be whites, off whites with gold accents, like frames, curtain rods, etc. I just ordered this chandelier for her...such a great deal! 

Guest room. I have curtains to hang in here (gold-from our previous master). Eventually we'd like to get a headboard for this bed. The tables in here are pretty low for the bed, but they are functional for now...they might get a coat of paint some day.

Media room. Still need the projector and screen in here...and obviously more seating and many other things! I kind of want to paint these walls charcoal. 

My craft room! I honestly have no clue what I want to do in here. My main priority is just getting it to a use-able point...which it is for the most part!

Josh's beloved bar. He loves Jameson...can you tell? Most of those are empty bottles that he's been collecting for years...he still needs to find a place to put them.

The basement could really use some paint! Right now it feels like a gigantic sea of off-white...and it is.

Our previous living room furniture (more off-white!), plus a chair that was my Aunt Ange's (I bought a slipcover for it...doesn't fit perfectly but it works).

Once I find a larger rug for the upstairs, I'll move the smaller one down here. I'll probably hang some family pictures on the walls here too...just not sure which ones yet!

Guest bedroom. Not an immediate priority, but this room could use some art and I may try my hand at making a roman shade for the window.

Hope you liked the tour!


  1. You have a beautiful home! It's such an awesome feeling when everything is brand new and an open pallet! Enjoy the painting and making this space your own in due time!

  2. Its so gorgeous! I love the white kitchen! We did the same 2 toned cabinets, but in reverse!

    1. Thanks Molly! Haha funny! Can't wait to see yours finished!

  3. We have the PBK Cameron system for DD's playroom and we LOVE it. She actually loves having a place for everything and cleans up very well. Check it out, it's very solid!

  4. LOVE it Rachel!! Your kitchen is pretty much my dream kitchen. Enjoy! xo ~Jenn

  5. You did such a great job with the house. I can see the "old farmhouse" look in different details, great job! I love the kitchen, Audrey's high chair, your family room and the pantry! So happy for you!


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