Monday, December 16, 2013

Our Christmas decorations

I'm sharing these later in the month than I'd like to, but better late than never, I guess! Christmas came quickly this year. Things just felt so crazy with moving just before Thanksgiving and then Christmas following so soon after! I would've liked to do even more decor, but we aren't even 100% set up in every room, and it will be some time before we this is what I did for this year.

I had so much fun with having a mantle for the first time! Oh...and you may notice I have yet to put the tree topper on. The tree is gigantic, so I need to break out the Little Giant ladder for that, and just haven't done it yet! So for now, just imagine that it's there:)

I plan on sharing a few outdoor pictures with you too....hopefully soon!

Hope you enjoyed! We are feeling so blessed and thankful for God's faithfulness in being in our home for the holidays! 

I'll be back soon with more pictures!

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  1. absolutely gorgeous. I am in love with your whole family room. It could be right out of a magazine. Gorgeous job, mama! xo ~Jenn

  2. Everything looks amazing Rachel! It looks like you guys have lived there for years, not months. :) I especially love all the candles and the garland on the stairs.

  3. So beautiful ~ so cozy. Thanks for sharing. ~ Pam


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