Friday, February 7, 2014

Well, hi.

It's been longer than I thought it would be since my last blog post! Things have just been crazy, but in a good way. Well, except for a week and a half that we were all sick, including Audrey! It was rough, but thankfully we are all feeling better (for the most part!).

I really wanted to get these Christmas pictures up earlier, but oh happens! I still want to share them, even though we are now closer to Valentine's Day! I think Christmas is good all year 'round:) Actually, I only have some Christmas Eve pictures to share. Apparently I took too many pictures on Christmas day and my computer doesn't want to download them from my camera! How aggravating!

We had such a fun time celebrating our first Christmas here. My mom was able to come and so was our niece, Katelynn. My dad was supposed to come, but the airport lost his passport when he checked in for his flight, and it has yet to be found. I's the craziest thing I've ever heard! I was pretty upset that he couldn't join us, but we still had a nice holiday with family that was here.

Hope you enjoy the little snippet of our Christmas Eve!

Our family tradition is to have a big family dinner on Christmas Eve, and then Christmas day is usually spent in jammies, just opening presents, relaxing and eating leftovers. Mmmm...writing all of this has me wanting turkey dinner now!

Don't worry...just apple juice for Audrey! :)

We got her a tent and surprised her by setting it up in her room on Christmas Eve! She slept in it!

A little story about the tinsel on my tree. Normally, I would never put it mom did every year when we were growing up, and I thought it was the ugliest stuff ever! But, she did it because she grew up with her dad putting it on their tree, so it was a very nostalgic tradition for her that reminded her of her dad. She always told us stories about how he would hang it so perfectly and meticulously, and how beautiful and festive it looked when he was done. So, I thought it would be a fun surprise to put it on our tree to surprise her, since she was spending Christmas with us.

Here's one of my grandfather's trees from my mom's childhood. So pretty! 

Well, now that I've shared a bit of our Christmas, I can move on and show you some things I've worked on around the house. That is...if my camera will decide to cooperate with me! 

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Have a great weekend!!!


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