Thursday, March 20, 2014

New chandeliers

I wanted to show you all some new chandeliers that we had installed this week! We've had most of these in boxes for months, and we're so glad that they're finally up! 

The rooms that these are in are largely unfinished, so bear with me. Also, these pictures did not turn out the greatest, but will hopefully give you a good idea of what the chandeliers look like!

Here's the dining room. Previously, there was a very basic brushed nickel fixture in here. It was fine, but I'm so glad we could add something that is much more our taste (Ok...let's be honest - my taste! Haha, not to worry though, Josh likes it too!). This is definitely my favorite light in the house so far! To me, it looks like it could be an antique from a shop in Paris. Yes, I think I will just imagine that's where it came from :)

Here is the playroom. This chandelier is much less exciting than the last one, but it's perfect for the space. It actually was a fixture that we already had. It was installed on one of the landings going up the stairs, but it was right next to the large foyer chandelier, so we felt it was unnecessary there. Moving it to the playroom basically gave us a free light for this room. Yay for that!

Next up is the upstairs guest bedroom. This room serves as our main guest room and previously had no overhead light in it. Originally, I chose this chandelier for Audrey's room, but I found something even better for her, which I'll show you in a second. I'm not sure this white and crystal chandelier is what I would have chosen with this guest room in mind, but it's pretty...and plus, it was a good price and I had it for months, so I doubt I would have been able to return it!  

Now, for Audrey's room. We stumbled upon this gorgeous crystal chandelier at Restoration Hardware Outlet last weekend. It was on sale for $130 (regularly $500 at RH Baby and Child). We couldn't believe it was such an amazing deal and scooped it up without a second thought! 

I think it's safe to say Audrey loves it. She calls all the new chandeliers "my beautiful new light"! Haha, such a cutie, and a girl after my own heart! 

Surprisingly, we still need lights for a few more rooms! Hopefully I'll have more to show you soon! 

Have a great weekend! 

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