Saturday, April 5, 2014

French country style blogs

Now that spring is here (sort of), I can't wait to tackle some decorating and organizing projects! I mean, maybe I'll even have time to unpack a few more boxes. That's right...we are still not completely done!

I've always had a pretty good idea of how I want our house to look, but of course it changes a little bit all the time! I have always loved french decor, and while I have a few french touches around our home, I am looking forward to adding even more. Since I don't have much new to show you around our house at the moment, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite french style home blogs. Click on the link below the picture to go to the blog.

Enjoy the pretty!

(This is the real deal! She lives in an old French house in Normandy!)

And if you want to have your breath taken away even more, go take a look at Chateau Gudanes. It's a blog following the restoration of a 1700's chateau in the south of France! Amazing!

Have a great weekend!

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