Friday, June 6, 2014

Updated house tour

I figured it was about time to give you all a little updated house tour. For now, I'll just be sharing the main level because, honestly, that's all I had time to tidy up when I took these pictures! I hope to show you the upstairs and basement soon, though!

I don't think I picked the best time of day to take these pictures, but it was then or never! I'm still learning when the best time of day is for different rooms. I was so used to photographing our last home, that I had it down to a science, so bear with me as I get used to this one.

This house is most definitely still a big work in progress. I find myself wanting it do be done "now", and feel perfectly cozy like we've lived here forever. And then, I remember it took us 4 years to get our last home even close to that point.

I'm really looking forward to painting soon, but the builder recommends waiting a full year to allow the house to settle, at which point they will repair all the cracks. I really didn't see the merit in this until we were here a couple of months and already noticed major areas of settling. Now I'm glad we waited so that the cracks can be patched before we paint and we won't have any touch up painting to do. I'm still very undecided on paint colors, but I'll share what we decide on when the time comes!

One major thing we did was replace all the builder-grade light fixtures (and add some where there were none). It has made a huge difference and made our home feel so much more personalized to us.

Hope you enjoy the little tour!

Dining room
The table is from Restoration Hardware Outlet (not what my original vision was, but a great deal and will do for now). The chairs were family hand-me-downs which I gave a little makeover. I'm still planning on making ruffle slipcovers for them too. The blue buffet has been on the blog before and is a Craigslist find which I painted. 

View from the front door.

View from living room.

Butler's Pantry


I got these counter stools at Restoration Hardware Outlet for an amazing deal. Even though there is the odd brown one, it was too good of a deal to pass up and they're exactly what I was looking for. My plan is to reupholster them in a light blue linen-like fabric. Originally, I had backless stools here that could tuck right in under the counter. They were great because I could access the island from all sides when cooking and baking, but Audrey loved to climb in them, and having no backs, it just made me too nervous. I was so happy I found these affordable and beautiful stools instead! 

Morning room

Living room
I have to mention that the wood piece hanging above the tv is driving me crazy because it needs to be lowered! I look at it everyday, but keep avoiding it because it takes two of us to move the media cabinet away from the wall. One of these days...

This is the view of the living room if you're standing in the morning room. 

Audrey's space
This is part of the kitchen area. My original idea for this space was to get a big hutch for it where I could store all of my pitchers and platters, but this worked out to be a much better idea. We do all of our crafts, coloring, learning time, play time, even snacking here. It's really the perfect space for her and she loves that the table is just her size.

Half bath
This is right across from the gold settee and gallery wall off the foyer. I got the gold mirror for $40 at an antique market. 

Definitely the most unfinished room on the main floor. Definitely need to work on this in the near future!  

That's it for now! The only room I missed on the main floor was the playroom. It hasn't really changed much....just has more toys now than when we moved in!

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Your house is beautiful! But one question, with a little one running around, how do you keep your couches looking so nice? I have 2 small kids and no matter how hard I try, one of them always spills something on it.

    1. Thank you! All of the sofas are slipcovered, so I remove them and throw them in the wash when they get messy!

  2. Love your living room rug! Where is it from?


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