Thursday, August 14, 2014

DIY Headband holder

This is by no means an original idea, but I thought I'd share anyway! I found the idea for this on Pinterest (where else?!).

It's hardly a project that needs instructions, but I'll give you the basics, anyway!

First, get a large container of oats, and clean out the inside. 

I used contact paper and burlap to cover my container, but you could use almost anything - wrapping paper, fabric, etc. Cut your material of choice to the size of your container and stick or glue it on.

 After I had covered mine in contact paper, I added a piece of burlap around the middle, which I hot-glued on. I would recommend turning your container upside down with the lid secured (it's not too noticeable), and covering the bottom of the container (which will be facing up) with your paper/fabric.

Done! So easy! I put mine on top of a candle holder, just to give it some height and extra cuteness.

Let me know if you have other clever ideas to store headbands! Audrey just started liking them, so I know we will be adding even more to her collection!


  1. So I've been looking for a storage idea for hard headbands. I want them displayed so that dd can choose easily and return them, and also I can color organize :) this was the only idea I found but, I was wondering if they slide down the tube and end up at the bottom? Lol

    1. They don't slide down! If you're worried about that, definitely use a fabric vs. a paper which will give it more friction. Also, make sure to choose the larger size oat container which is the correct width to hold the headbands in place:)

  2. I did this in the 90s with an oats can, but it was a scrunchie holder lol

  3. Nice and simple headband holder! This is indeed, a cute and neat way of organizing headbands. I might create something like this too.


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