Friday, December 12, 2014

Baby's nursery

I thought I'd share a few pictures of the new baby's nursery. It's still sort of unfinished, but I plan on adding to it as I find just the right pieces and accessories. I didn't want to hang art or pictures just for the sake of filling the walls, and I have another piece of furniture in mind for the one corner of the room, too. If you were to visit in person, you'd see her name above her crib, but I've edited that out of the photos for now, so you'll have to wait until she's born for that surprise!

I have to tell you about the chandelier….I found it at an antique store for $125, and didn't even know if it worked. I had my electrician look at it and it ended up being in perfect working order! I was so excited. It's such good quality and I love the aged brass finish. The crystals are real too!

But…my favorite thing about the room is the painting that Audrey made. She loves to paint and was so excited when I suggested she create something for her baby sister's room. She was so proud to hang it up. It just melts my heart to look at it.

Hope you enjoy the little tour!


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