Saturday, December 6, 2014

Family photos

A couple weeks ago, we had Stacey from Labor of Love Photography take our pictures. We've been using her since my maternity shoot with Audrey and we are always just so happy with the way she captures our family.
Audrey has just been so funny lately, she pretty much won't wear anything unless she chooses it. Long gone are the days where I can dress her in what I want! It's so cute how independent and opinionated she is. Her favorite color is blue, so knowing that, I bought her an adorable blue dress with sequins and tulle, and really played up the excitement of her "fancy new blue dress". Well, she put it on before the photo shoot, and after 10 minutes, she decided it was too itchy and was begging to take it off. I couldn't help but laugh since we had all coordinated our outfits around this blue dress. We went upstairs to her closet and thankfully she was interested in her gold dress which she wore last Christmas. Miraculously, it still fit her - and thank goodness - because it was the only other dress I had for her! Of course, I think she ended up looking adorable!
I picked a few favorites to share with you today - I hope you enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Such cute photos! My daughter took over outfit control around 18 months old. These girls are too much sometimes!


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