Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Belle's newborn photos

I'm so excited about these pictures! I was hoping to be able to share Belle's birth story first with some hospital pictures, but I just can't wait to share these! Once again, we used Stacey from Labor of Love Photography and as always, we just love what she was able to capture! She puts up with all my ideas too, like putting Belle under the "prop" Christmas tree I set up with fake presents just for this photo shoot! Hope you enjoy looking at these. I just can't get over how sweet Audrey is with her little sister. She loves her so much, and I think it's easy to see that in these photos! I just love this little family that God has blessed us with!

Have a great week!


  1. such a beautiful family :) congrats!

  2. Love these Rach, what a beautiful and happy family you have!! Audrey seems like such a wonderful big sis already. xoxo


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